The Dolomites are yours

Experience the Dolomites

A hotel in Corvara for your holiday amidst nature

The inseparable bond between man and nature

Our hotel in Corvara is located along the pass between South Tyrol and Veneto, on the only road that runs between the towns of Arabba and Corvara in Badia. Those who decide to spend a holiday in these idyllic places, far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, do so because they want to lose themselves in the tranquillity and panoramas that surround them and forget about their worries.

Based on the assumption that human beings are an integral part of nature and, thus, one depends on the other, we offer guests of our hotel near Corvara a unique holiday, designed for those who want to free their minds and feel regenerated amidst a natural environment like no other. For those who want to spend a holiday focused on activities in nature and pure relaxation, our hotel is the ideal home away from away – a true jewel set in the Dolomites.

We, the hosts of your hotel near Corvara, are just like you, we have the same aspirations and therefore know how to recognise and fulfil your needs and wishes. The philosophy that we want to convey to those who visit us in this little corner of paradise is based on four well-defined pillars: living in harmony with nature, experiencing and enjoying the magical tranquillity of the surroundings, engaging in all kinds of activities in summer and winter, and last but not least discovering old traditions.

Near your hotel in Corvara you’ll enjoy magical moments, which will surely make you want to return to these wonderful places.

Hotel Boé - the Dolomites are yours
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